About Jennifer Grassman

JENNIFER GRASSMAN is a pianist, vocalist, songwriter, author, wife, mother, and failed housekeeper. When she’s not reading board books or making macaroni and cheese for the munchkins, she’s writing, composing, or designing websites for her friends and clients. Click below to learn more about Jennifer, and view a full catalog of her freelance services.

A Musical Duo

Jennifer Grassman and Jason Greenberg met at The University of Houston on fateful day in October, 2003. Jennifer was studying opera and music as a vocal major. Jason was a skilled guitarist majoring in mechanical engineering. After spotting a flier advertising for band members, Jason emailed Jennifer, and they scheduled an audition. Obviously, the audition went well, as the two were married on September 30, 2006. Since then they have written many songs, performed many concerts, and had three beautiful little girls.

About Orisonata

Orisonata is the debut progressive symphonic metal release from Jason Lee Greenberg. Similar artists include Within Temptation, Nightwish, Leaves Eyes, Lacuna Coil, Ayreon, Dream Theater, and Tarja Turunen. The incorporation of incredible saxophone solos, jazz piano, and dramatic female vocals make Orisonata stand out among their prog metal band peers. With Jason as lead composer and artist, Jennifer performed vocals and co-wrote some song lyrics.

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From Celtic inspired ballads to epic symphonic metal compositions, Jennifer and Jason have composed and published a broad assortment of music.

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A budding author, Jennifer is in the process of writing several books, most of which are fantasy novels and all of which involve dragons.

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In addition to books and songs, Jennifer also publishes articles on faith, family, and how to scientifically acheive the best possible chocolate chip cookie.

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