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“Read all the good books you can, and avoid nearly all magazines.” ~ C. S. Lewis

“Do not be downcast within yourself, young one. For there is an echo in the waters, that is not of memories past, but of memories yet to come. As Time draws toward its final destination, it condenses, until its divergent veins and temporal rings seep and blur into one another. That is why some among you see ghosts, and have premonitions of the future.”

~ The Old Elm Tree
Tale of the Breathless Living

An illustration from Mundus Subterraneus by Athanasius Kircher, 1665

Those Who Weep

Those Who Weep takes an enlightening look at the spiritual consequences of abuse, as well as the chemistry of emotions that lie behind common survivor struggles. Leveraging a deep understanding of how victims think, the behavioral patterns rooted in trauma, and a solid grasp of Biblical theology, Jennifer communicates complicated pain with striking clarity and hope-filled compassion. Both survivors and counselors will find her writing revelatory, healing, encouraging, and redemptive.



The Embassy (in progress)

When a new world sparks to life in Yggdrasil’s boughs, a Lindworm from a long dead world is determined to snuff it out. A creation myth, The Embassy offers a poetic sci-fi / fantasy take on what might have been, in another world, with multiple dimensions.

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Tales of the Breathless Living (in progress)

A collection of autobiographical stories, strange tales, and mysterious poems written by inanimate authors, such as trees, shadows, caves, and abandoned homes.

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Homer (in progress)

When the leader of an evil race of leviathans experiences a moral awakening, he must choose whether to do the right thing and risk death, or withdraw into the wilderness and live a life of exile.

Image: “Dragon Resting Its Head On The Lap Of A Woman,” by R. Leinweber, New York Public Library.

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